Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sexy in Florence

Sex in the City

Every day women from all parts of the world flood into the beautiful Renaissance City of Florence, Italy in search of gelato, the perfect hand bag and yes, romance!

I must admit the first time I heard the words Bella enthusiastically muttered under the breath of some Italian man and punctuated with suggestive hand gestures I felt like a teenager who’d just been invited to the prom.

No matter what age, size, nationality or color you come in there IS a man just waiting to fulfill all your Latino male fantasies and your girlfriends’ too!

In Italy ogling, staring, pssssting, burning a hole through your blouse with x-ray eyes and sometimes even squeezing the melons is totally acceptable. And take it from me when you come from countries where most men fall asleep in front of the T.V. it can be a real welcome…. for the first couple of days. Okay maybe a little longer, but after a while it just becomes down right annoying!

Okay, you have to admit being complimented, stared at and even followed around can give a girl a real boost of confidence especially if you are having one of those bad hair / low esteem days. You suddenly find yourselves thinking just a bit more about what you are going to wear when you go out that evening. I mean after all as you stroll past Armani, Gucci, Pucci and Fendi all the men’s eyes are upon you. (Kind of like the eyes of Texas.)

The attention, the compliments, the countless invitations make you feel like a celebrity! So what happened on the plane ride over? Did you suddenly become one of the most desirable women in the world? That is the question?

To contrast, the men that come to our fair city are usually dragged their by their wives or girlfriends. If they are single they usually have a really tough time getting laid. It’s like winning the lottery. Italian women generally require long courtships, lots of money and a commitment. And all the foreign women are looking for their Souvenir Latin Lover!

While the Italian men roam the streets like vultures looking for “foreign women.” Foreign women are in their own candy store where every man looks like an Italian stallion and is in love with them. They are full of compliments and romance and can’t wait to get them into bed. So here we have it, the perfect fantasy world. Children let loose in their own private candy store and eating themselves sick!

So far be it for me to ruin these wonderful dreams and delicious memories of all the women who have left Florence with a great hand bags, and unforgettable nights filled tasty gelato and their perfect Italian romance. Because after all life is made up of these perfect moment in time!

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